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External Emotion


Just There 2015
The Start of Change 2015
The Load 2015
Untitled Brooch 2015
Plank 2016
Open Jail 2016
Jail 2016
Embedded 2016
Just There II 2016
Open Jail II 2016

My work starts with an awareness of a rarely seen place in our minds where chaotic thoughts and negative emotions are born without notice. In an effort to externalize internal emotions I found interest in how aluminum behaves differently from other metals. I became fascinated with how the aluminum melts, and how the impurities of the geometric stock stay on the surface as the metal slumps, and a new skin showing sagging, stretch marks, and discoloration appears. The once shiny, smooth aluminum reveals a tension filled form between liquid and solid, which I use to represent these emotions that try to overtake the mind.

While the aluminum forms are charged with meaning for me, my goal is to create intriguing jewelry that someone would choose to wear. Using the necklace format enables me to place my work on a sensitive part of the body where some wear their most treasured tokens of life. I only hope to inspire them to want to take it out into the world as jewelry.

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